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April 21, 2016 NKI Research Points to Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's
July 23, 2015 NKI Researcher Recognized with Alzheimer's Association Science Award
July 21, 2015 Study Reveals Specific Protein As Missing Link Responsible for Earliest Known Change in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology
June 19, 2015 Regina Sullivan receives a MERIT award from NICHD
February 12, 2015 Childhood Abuse May Be Paradoxically Protective in Adulthood
February 11, 2015 Emotions Can Make Memories Stick
October 20, 2014 New Research Shows that Keeping the Beat Helps Us Hear Better
September 16, 2014 NKI Schizophrenia Research Featured in September American Journal of Psychiatry
June 9, 2014 Dr. Michael Milham Receives Wiley Young Investigator Award in Human Brain Mapping
April 16, 2014 Presidential Early Career Award to Dr. Young Shin Kim
March 25, 2014 Dr. Joseph LeDoux to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Psychological Science
December 18, 2013 NKI Ranks with the World's Elite Research Institutions
December 17, 2013 Funding News
August 26, 2013 Dr. Donald Wilson Participates in TEDx Leuven Salon
May 20, 2013 APA Award for Research Given to Drs. Goff and Javitt
April 30, 2013 Joseph LeDoux Elected to the National Academy of Sciences
November 20, 2011 A Fix for Broken Noses?
May 9, 2011 Researchers Find Higher Rate of Autism in Large Population Study
December 28, 2010 Wall Street Journal Article Spotlights Dr. Nixon's work on Alzheimer's
September 13, 2010 New Treatment Options Target Underlying Causes of Childhood Obsessive Compulsive and Tourette's Disorders
September 13, 2010 Efrat Levy, PhD, Receives Zenith Fellows Award from the Alzheimer's Association
September 3, 2010 NKI's LeDoux Receives Distinguished Scientific Award for Work on Emotion and Fear
September 2, 2010 Dr. Donald Wilson Interviewed on NPR's Science Friday with Ira Flatow
August 4, 2010 NKI Researchers Show that Adolescents with Type 2 Diabetes Have Diminished Cognitive Performance and Brain Abnormalities
July 28, 2010 NKI Research on Obesity and School Performance is Spotlighted in The Huffington Post
June 15, 2010 Researchers Discover How Gene Mutations Cause Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease -- Findings Could Pave the Way for Novel Treatments
May 28, 2010 Dr. Brady Case receives prestigious NIDA - AACAP Career Development Award
May 26, 2010 Ask a Child Psychiatrist -- Dr. Koplewicz answers questions on the New York Times City Room blog
April 28, 2010 New Study on Continuity of Care for Patients with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder
August 20, 2009 NKI Health Sciences Library selected to participate in regional consortium project
August 20, 2009 Congressman Engel announces $850,000 in recovery funds for NKI
August 6, 2009 Center of Excellence on Brain Aging at NYU Langone Medical Center opens new facilities
August 6, 2009 Announcement of new ADAA Early Career Investigator Award honoring Dr. Donald Klein
August 4, 2009 NYU-Langone Medical School Dean announces new Chair of NYU Department of Psychiatry
July 23, 2009 NKI to manage data for NIMH RAISE research on first-break schizophrenia
July 23, 2009 NKI Schizophrenia Research Center Welcomes Three Rockland-County Summer Students
July 3, 2009 Three NKI investigators awarded new grants
May 29, 2009 Congressman Eliot Engel Announces Grants for the Nathan Kline Institute
May 18, 2009 Dr. Koplewicz receives 2009 Agnes Purcell McGavin Award for Distinguished Career Achievement
May 5, 2009 The Honorable Congressman Engel Announces Grant to Dr. Jim Clelland
May 5, 2009 Dr. Sidtis attends NIH Study Section Chair Orientation
April 14, 2009 Dr. Pomara Receives Grant from NYU Center of Excellence on Brain Aging & Dementia
April 11, 2009 Dr. Nadine Revheim Co-Authors New Book on Cognitive Remediation
March 20, 2009 Dr. Efrat Levy Discusses Newly Found Genetic Mutation and its Link to Alzheimer's Disease
March 16, 2009 Dr. Ralph Nixon Comments on the Link betweeen Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease
March 12, 2009 Scientific collaboration between NKI scientist and Italian team offers new hope for treating Alzheimer's disease
January 30, 2009 NKI Scientists Play Pivotal Role in Changed Paradigm of Care for Dually Diagnosed Individuals
January 30, 2009 NKI Center for Dementia Research Welcomes New Staff
January 14, 2009 Two NKI Researchers Featured Prominantly in Dana Foundation Progress Report
December 26, 2008 NKI Tests New Drug to Halt Alzheimer's Disease
October 22, 2008 Drs. Levine co-author new book about schizophrenia
October 21, 2008 Three researchers receive prestigious professorships at the NYU Child Study Center
October 20, 2008 NKI Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI) gets a facelift
September 8, 2008 Dr. Koplewicz is a guest on Sirius Radio
September 2, 2008 NKI Volunteer Recruitment Program Reaches a Milestone
August 22, 2008 NKI researcher receives federal grant to study gender differences in spatial memory
August 21, 2008 Research psychiatrist Dr. Brady Case joins the staff of NKI
August 6, 2008 Dr. Nunzio Pomara Appointed to the Advisory Board of the Mental Health Foundation
August 1, 2008 Dr. Nixon, Director of NKI Center for Dementia Research featured on NPR
July 27, 2008 Two NKI Researchers Awarded Grants from the Alzheimer's Association
July 26, 2008 NKI/NYU Researchers Featured at 2008 International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD 2008) in Chicago
July 23, 2008 F. Xavier Castellanos, M.D., has been appointed to the National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
July 22, 2008 Dr. Koplewicz Joins Editorial Board of New Autism Publication
July 9, 2008 NKI Welcomes Two New Research Groups to The Emotional Brain Institute
June 15, 2008 Release of NYS/NYC Report on Mental Health and Criminal Justice
June 3, 2008 Senator Morahan and Assemblyman Rivera Receive OMH Lehmann Research Award
May 28, 2008 Dr. Koplewicz appears on CNBC to Discuss Raising Successful Kids
May 15, 2008 Opening of NYU Child Study Center Satellite Office in Hackensack
May 15, 2008 Dr. Scharfman of NKI Center for Dementia Research appointed to National Panel
April 28, 2008 First Advisory Panel Meeting of NKI Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Mental Health
December 20, 2007 NKI scientist receives NIDA grant to study the brain effects of treatment for cocaine dependence
November 18, 2007 A novel way found to prevent protein plaques implicated in Alzheimer's
October 25, 2007 Harold S. Koplewicz Receives Prestigious Child Psychiatry Award
Founder and Director of NYU Child Study Center Honored at Annual AACAP Ceremonies
October 17, 2007 New NKI program aimed at early identification and treatment of emotional disorders among teens and adolescents
August 14, 2007 NKI Researchers awarded $3.6 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to focus on Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
July 24, 2007 Alzheimer's Association awards prestigious grants to three NKI Dementia Researchers
June 15, 2007 Presentation of a Portrait at the Nathan S. Kline Institute
June 14, 2007 NIH Awards $2 Million Grant to NKI Center for Advanced Brain Imaging for Cutting-Edge MRI Equipment
May 2, 2007 Dr. Koplewicz Testifies Before the New York State Senate: Hearing on College Campus Safety
April 26, 2007 National Take Your Child to Work Day at the Nathan Kline Institute -- April 26th
Employees' children will learn about the Human Brain
April 16, 2007 New Institute Established to Study Brain's Emotional Function
NYU and Nathan Kline Institute Collaboration Seeks To Alleviate Anxiety Disorders, Improve Overall Well Being
March 22, 2007 NKI Director Selected as 2007 Recipient of the Hornick Award Honoring Outstanding Leaders in Psychiatry
March 13, 2007 NKI Researcher Awarded $1.7 million NIMH grant to study the link between Late-Life Depression and Alzheimer's Disease
March 1, 2007 NKI Researcher Links Emotional Deficits in Schizophrenia to Brain Structure
February 21, 2007 NKI Researcher Selected to Receive Prestigious Gralnick Award from the Child Welfare League of America
October 18, 2006 Dr. Koplewicz to Keynote Tenth Annual Breaking the Silence Forum - Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at Rockland Community College
October 4, 2006 New York University School of Medicine Establishes New Department Dedicated to the Study and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders
August 29, 2006 The Secret Passion of an NKI Scientist: William Alexander (gardener and author of The $64 Tomato) Nominated for Major Book Award
May 11, 2006 Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D. Named Director of Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
May 10, 2006 Sharing the Same Genes: Twin Sisters Speak about Schizophrenia at NKI
March 22, 2006 Karen Duff Receives Prestigious Prize for Alzheimer's Research
July 15, 2005 NKI Center for Dementia Research awarded $9.1 million to examine the root causes of Alzheimer's disease
July 7, 2005 NKI Director Dr. Robert Cancro announces his retirement
June 10, 2005 Family announces establishment of the Mary Ann Richardson Fund
February 14, 2005 Noted author of "The Lobotomist" to speak at psychiatric research institute
November 8, 2004 NKI research program serving homeless mothers and children highlighted as national model of excellence
August 25, 2004 NKI to receive the Joseph R. Bernstein award from the Mental Health Association of Rockland County, Inc.
June 22, 2004 NKI Researcher awarded $1.6 million grant to study visual processing deficits in schizophrenia
June 9, 2004 President and Mrs. Reagan's candor and optimism served as catalyst for increased support for Alzheimer's research
May 4, 2004 NKI scientists examine association between use of second-generation antipsychotics and diabetes
February 10, 2004 Upcoming conference offers clinicians and caregivers an opportunity to hear about latest research and community resources for Alzheimer’s disease
December 15, 2003 NKI Researcher to examine the relationship between frontal white matter and impulsivity
December 10, 2003 NKI researcher one of five nationally to receive prestigious award from the Alzheimer’s Association
October 14, 2003 New "medical food" signals hope for individuals suffering with tardive dyskinesia
September 24, 2003 Making the Future Better than Today: NKI Psychiatrist Dr. Jerome Levine receives NAMI Award for Distinguished Leadership in Research
July 21, 2003 NKI laboratories receive high marks on accreditation from the College of American Pathologists
July 10, 2003 NKI Researcher Wins Prestigious Research Award from the National Institutes of Health---without even applying
January 1, 2003 NKI research paves way for new pharmaceutical approaches to prevent or treat Alzheimer's disease
December 10, 2002 NKI researcher selected to receive prestigious award from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology
November 25, 2002 Families in crisis: Study suggests that families of the seriously mentally ill need advice on where to turn
November 4, 2002 New handbook helps families cope with the cognitive dysfunction associated with serious mental disorders
September 24, 2002 NKI Researcher awarded grant to study attention deficits in schizophrenia
July 8, 2002 NKI Researcher awarded grant to study homeless children
June 4, 2002 Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Cancro celebrates 25 years at NYU and becomes longest-serving chair of an academic psychiatry department in the nation
April 29, 2002 Mental health resources on the web for families
April 22, 2002 Students visit NKI to learn about psychiatric research
November 14, 2001 In times of disaster: Coping tips for families of persons with serious mental illness
November 13, 2001 American public health association honors distinguished NKI researcher
December 20, 2000 Studies at the Nathan Kline Institute provide hope that a vaccine may someday prevent Alzheimer’s disease
December 8, 2000 Antipsychotic polypharmacy in the New York State Psychiatric Centers
October 28, 2000 "Mental Health Resources on the Web for Families" New internet reference guide available
June 4, 2000 NKI study supports use of hormone replacement therapy to decrease risk of Alzheimer’s disease in postmenopausal women
April 3, 2000 Author of "The Outsider" to Speak on April 26th at the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
March 14, 2000 NKI Researcher is first psychiatrist to receive Burroughs Wellcome Award for translational research
February 8, 2000 Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research Receives $11.4 Million in Federal Funds for Alzheimer's Research
January 20, 2000 Nathan S. Kline Institute and county department of hospitals announce Alzheimer study program
December 12, 1999 Nathan S. Kline Institute receives federal grant to study public mental health issues
October 29, 1999 NKI Director Dr. Robert Cancro to receive human rights award
October 18, 1999 NKI Alzheimer’s Researcher recipient of Johnson and Johnson grant
October 14, 1999 Rena Finkelstein elected to board of NAMI-NYS
May 27, 1999 Mental Health Month is celebrated at NKI
April 27, 1999 NKI Researcher Receives NARSAD Young Investigator Award
March 23, 1999 Conference offers hope and new information to families and caregivers of people with serious mental illness
October 27, 1998 Rena Finkelstein appointed as member of Institutional Review Board
October 15, 1998 "A New Era of Discovery and Opportunity Begins" at NKI
August 18, 1998 Dr. Marc Galanter elected as new president of the American Society of Addiction Medicine
July 29, 1998 NKI psychiatrist Dr. Daniel C. Javitt receives prestigious A.E. Bennett Award for Basic Science
April 20, 1998 Psychiatric research at the Nathan Kline Institute: On the move
April 16, 1998 Study at Nathan Kline Institute suggests that estrogen replacement therapy may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

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